NDSAG 2022 conference 9th June, London

On the 9th June 2022 NDSAG returned with an in-person conference at London South Bank University. Presentations included:

Dr Melissa Oldham, Alcohol and COVID-19: as the dust settles?

Prof John Cunnigham, Any benefit to adding a brief online intervention for unhealthy alcohol use to websites targeting people with a different addiction or mental health concern?

Dr Patsy Irizar, A feasibility study of the Blue Light Project in Merseyside: working with the Police Service and Homeless services to reduce alcohol harms

Dr Beth Collinson, The role of community engagement in aiding recovery

Dr Philippa Case, Partners, friends, and family: the good, the bad, and the ugly of social support and alcohol consumption

This event included a book symposium ‘Evaluating the brain disease model of addiction’, with speakers including:

Prof Derek Heim & Dr Rebecca Monk, Recovery is Possible:  Overcoming ‘Addiction’ and its Rescue Hypotheses

Dr Frank Ryan, Psychotherapeutic strategies to enhance motivation and cognitive control

Dr Tim Leighton, Brains or persons? Is it coherent to ascribe psychological powers to brains?

Dr James Morris, Before ‘rock bottom’ Does a disease model hinder public health goals for alcohol?

Dr Ed Day, discussant for the ‘evaluating the brain disease model of addiction’ symposium

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