The  New  Directions  in  the  Study  of  Alcohol  Group  (NDSAG)  is  concerned  with  the use  and  misuse  of  alcohol  in society,  and  the  treatment  of  alcohol-related  problems.  Its  aim  is  to  promote  a  better  understanding  of these  topics.  The  Group  is  mainly  a  forum  for  debate;  where  anybody  concerned  with  helping  people  with  drinking problems is encouraged to exchange ideas, share results and learn about new developments in the field.

The  main  focus  of  NDSAG  activity  is  the  Annual  Conference,  a  series  of presentations,  debates  and  networking spread over three or four days. We also produce a journal based upon key presentations from the conference.To get a taste of the quality of speakers at NDSAG conferences, you should visit the excellent FEAD website which has video footage and interviews with some of the speakers at our recent conferences. Past programmes can be found on our archive blog . We are currently working to make our journal archive available to members as searchable PDFs.

Membership has been reviewed from 2017 onwards
The New Directions in the Study of Alcohol Group (NDSAG) is a membership organisation, which anyone with an interest in the alcohol field is invite to join. Following a decision at our 2016 AGM, current membership runs from 31st December to the next AGM (May 2017).Thereafter, the annual membership fee will be included in costs for attending our annual conference. Existing members who do not attend a conference will continue to be kept informed of NDSAG activities and have access to any membership areas of the website which are planned (eg our journal archives).
Committee Members (As returned at 2017 AGM: Weston Super Mare)
Chair: Dr. Wulf Livingston; Senior Lecturer in Social Work, Glyndwr University.
Treasurer: Sally Scriminger; Management Consultant and Coach, London.
Company Secretary: Andy Perkins; Figure 8 Consultancy, Dundee.
Committee Members:
Dr. Jamie Irving; Senior Lecturer in Criminology, Sheffield Hallam University.
James Morris; Alcohol Academy and Alcohol Policy UK, London.
John Hill; Reason, Bath.
Dr. William Haydock; Visiting Fellow Bournemouth University and Public Health England, Dorset.